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Check Out Our New Window Scrolling LED Signs


Scrolling LED Sign

Introducing our new color option for our window scrolling LED signs. These indoor LED signs are bright (over 7000 nits) and offer multiple colors. They are fully programmable using software and your created messages can be exported using a USB flash drive.  There are two sizes 15"x40" and 15"x55".

Just like our other indoor window LED signs, multiple fonts, animations, and movements are possible with this sign. They hold up to 99 messages with 100 characters per message and can display up to 3 lines of messages which are viewable up to 700 ft. and a viewing angle of 120 degrees. 

These Scrolling LED Signs are brilliantly bright and very colorful with the use of RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, PURPLE, CYAN & WHITE. These colors can be used by themselves or in combination bringing undeniable attention to your business. With our warranty and free shipping (within the continental US), you will be worry free to concentrate on your business.