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4 Simple Rules for LED Message Sign Ideas


10-15 seconds is all you have to grab the attention of your customers and make a lasting impression. Fuzzy ad messages, too long of a message and too much details displayed in your message can defeat the purpose of having an LED message sign.

outdoor LED Message Sign

Here are some simple rules to remember when creating your attention grabbing LED sign message.

1.First Rule when creating a good message for an LED message sign, make the characters BIG. Each character should be at least 1/4 of the size of the screen. Smaller text might look good on your computer screen but looks unimpressive when displayed on the sign itself. Also, make your text blocked (double lined letters instead of single line)

2.Effects like shading or glossing look cool on your computer screen, but not so much on the sign display. This is because there are more pixels on the computer monitor than on the LED message sign. Therefore, a special effect on a small letter looks great on your computer but won't be visible on your LED sign.

LED message sign

3. Simple is best for messages and when choosing fonts. Many fonts can display blurry when displayed on the LED message sign. Stick with Sans Serif fonts such as Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, Verdana or Tahoma, much more visible on the LED screen. The simpler the text, the better it looks.

4. Use contrasting colors. The best matches are black on yellow; black on white; yellow on black; white on blue; yellow on blue; green on white; blue on yellow; white on green.

outdoor LED sign