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Blinky Signs new High Resolution Full Color Outdoor LED Signs


Blinky Signs High Resolution Outdoor LED Sign allows you to display text, images, videos and presentations as well as live events with multiple screen divisions.

Our new high resolution Outdoor LED signs use Elliptical LEDs which have an ultra-radiant color spectrum with low-power consumption. The LED sign pictures are more vivid and have extremely clear images projected from LED bulbs with a proven longer-lasting life span.

Our newly designed high resolution outdoor led signs in combination with our superior software will make all your messages and graphics stand out. We take a lot of pride to make our signs look good and operate flawlessly so that your business looks great.

(16 million color combination)

Microsoft Windows XP, vista, 7, 8, 10 (updated regularly)

Text, photos, & videos (most media formats)

Capable up to 8 screen divisions

Easy plug & play LAN connection (RJ 45 communication cable)

Displays most languages and many fonts

Standard AC 120V

Life-time Tech Support and and a 5 year Warranty.


Front Access allows you to access the interior of the sign from the front of the sign with the use of a hydraulic arm. Ideal for small to medium sized LED signs 5’ tall or less and perfect for all types of mounting.

The Edge-less Option allows the LED sign display to be the entire face of the sign from edge to edge.