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How do the Transition Effects make my Outdoor LED Sign more visible?


Programmable LED Signs have Transition Effects. What are Transition Effects? These are choices for how you want your LED sign message to display to the viewers when the message starts and ends. These effects allow your LED sign movement which grabs viewers attention. Attention to your business is the desired effect of any advertising.

Here are what each of our Transition Effects do on your Programmable LED Signs.

  • Automatic- Displays effects randomly
  • Drama- Displays various animations
  • Scroll- Scrolls your message Left/Right/UP/Down
  • Gathering- Merges lines Left/Right/UP/Down/Diagonal
  • Hurricane- Rotates messages like a Hurricane
  • Tornado- Twists your message like a Tornado
  • To Appear- Displays messages in many different forms
  • By Color- Displays a message in the opposite color
  • Beam- Laser beam effect
  • Wave- message displayed using a wave
  • No Effect-no movement
  • Release Effect-use to delete your message
  • 3D Effect- Displayed below