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How to Program an LED Sign with a Remote Control

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How to program a LED sign with remote control for our outdoor LED signs. Now this is the standard remote control that we send with all of our remote control outdoor LED signs, it looks like a regular TV remote.  Everything is ready to be punched in out of the box, just plug the sign in, turn it on and your ready to go, simple.

  • Press MENU, 
  • press ADD CONTENTS
  • ADD A MESSAGE. Now it says INPUT CHARACTERS. So here I can write whatever I want in the English language; capitals, lower case, numbers, symbols etc. You can actually add a lot of attributes and properties to each individual letter or to an entire sentence.
  • To change the color of each letter you simply scroll over the letter you want and just press the color button. You can make different color combinations and background colors. There's over 15 or 20 different color combinations and background combinations. You can also add boarders in different colors and patterns. You can add numbers and many different symbols as well. We also have programed images and symbols.
  • When finished Press OK. 
  • Now select an INSERTION EFFECT this means you can select the transition effect you want; AUTOMATIC, DRAMA, GATHERING, TORNADO, TO APPEAR, BEAM, TO PASS, SCROLL, HURRICANE and LENS. You can also change the speed of the effect. 
  • Hit OK to confirm.
  • You can decide how long you want your LED sign program to hold each message. The (release effect) is what you use when you want your message to go away. Now that you have a message stored you can run it or store another message.  See it is simple to program a scrolling LED sign!

Here is a tip for resetting the password.

Turn off the LED sign. Then press the Color button 4 times or however many times it takes for the whole sign to light up in one solid color. Press ESC 2 times and then scroll up to [9] Setting up. Press OK. Scroll down to [4] Password. Set it to “X” to unlock the password.