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LED Sign Brackets and Mounting

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Installation is a very common question. Here are some installation tips for indoor and outdoor LED signs

When you order one of our  indoor LED signs you will receive a hanging chain for mounting.

For Larger outdoor signs, you will want to attach some kind of bracket or mounting hardware on to the sign. We do not provide any mounting hardware for our Outdoor LED Signs. Our frames are double layered aluminum. 

When you are drilling you can drill from the bottom or from the side or from the top up to one inch before you hit that second layer of framing. From front to back you could drill all they way thru the frame, just watch out for the second layer. You can attach almost anything to our frames. 

They are 100% aluminum and they hold up extremely well. Obviously the double layering helps with the waterproofing. You will also notice that you have holes on the bottom of the sign that is for moisture ventilation, so not to worry, just make sure you have those on the bottom. Here are some examples for mounting outdoor.