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Most Effective Advertising Messages for Outdoor LED Signs

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Outdoor LED Signs are one of the best effective advertising methods for your business or storefront. Once you have your LED sign, what is the best message to display to attract the most attention? What you write or display must be easy to read and eye catching. You want to make sure your investment is going to pay off for you. While testing the different fonts, colors, sizes, effects and animations is always recommended. In the end, you want the most effective advertisement. 

Here are some of the best tips from professionals in the Outdoor LED Sign Business.

1. Character Size:

Use large text that is the appropriate size so that it can be read easily at the distance your traffic will be from the sign. Avoid thin letters. Thick letters that are not slanted are the besting for any viewing. Also, spreading your message out over 2 or 3 frames will be better for longer distances.

2. Font Choices:

Avoid Script fonts. Fonts that are easier to read that are not slanted and thicker will be better from a distance.

3. Message Hold Time:

In some areas the length of your hold time may be dictated by your local laws. Avoid having your messages run to fast or too slow, 4 to 5 second hold times are the best. A good rule of thumb is to set a hold time of 1 second for each line of text. Too slow and traffic will pass by before reading and too fast and they will not be able to read it at all.

4. Color Contrast:

Using color contrast can be confusing but it will help in your messages to maximize readability. Contrasting colors or effects might take some practice. This color wheel will help. Big, Bold and Bright does not always mean our eyes will be able to read it.

5. Change Message Often:

If your business is driven by daily specials you will change your message according to your specials. If your business is not driven by daily specials you still want to be sure to add new content every 7 to 14 days. Providing community information like upcoming events or the time and temperature helps establish your sign as a source of information as well as a source of advertising.