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​Outdoor LED Sign Prices


Outdoor LED Sign prices vary depending on size, colors, pixel pitch (resolution), programming, framing and duty. Prices for LED signs in general have been dropping slightly every year. It is hard to tell that prices are dropping because there can be a big price difference in LED signs per company.

Outdoor LED signs have many variables that effect the price of the signs. Size and colors are obvious features that effect the price. The larger the size or the more colors a sign offers the higher the price. A 1 color sign is usually a single R (1 red led per pixel) or R2 (2 red leds per pixel). A 3 color sign is RG (one red and one green per pixel). A full color LED sign is RGB (Red, green and blue full spectrum color per pixel)

Also, framing can increase the price of a sign. Some LED signs have simple flat panels on the back that make mounting easier but make maintenance harder. 

There are LED signs that have locking doors on the back for easy access for maintenance but make a much heavier sign for mounting.

Then there is the front access signs that use a hydraulic arm to open which is great for maintenance but not made for larger signs. All of these framing options can add to the price.

Each LED sign company offers programming options for their signs. Most companies have remote controls and software that are unique to their signs. A remote controlled sign will be cheaper than a software based LED sign. Software usually allows the user more programming options than the remote control will offer.

One of the bigger price differences between LED signs are the difference in their pixel pitches (which is the resolution of a sign). LED signs are made with SMD modules and PCB modules. Most LED signs with a pitch of 20mm or more are SMD modules. The LED signs with a lower pixel pitch number like 15mm or 10mm are the PCB modules. A pixel pitch is the distance between your pixels, so the smaller the pixel pitch number the tighter the pixels the better the resolution.

The last important feature on what is the difference of Outdoor LED Sign prices is the duty. Duty is the ratio between the power source per the number of pixels. For example, there are 1/8 duty, 1/4 duty and 1/1 duty. For the 1/8 duty this means that for every 8 pixels there is 1 power source, etc. This will effect brightness; 1/1 is the brightest, 1/4 is the next brightest and so on. 

Therefore, many variables affect Outdoor LED sign prices. If you decide to price match please compare accordingly.