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Outdoor LED Signs with Live Streaming



What are our Outdoor Live Streaming Billboard Style LED Signs? These are full color and video capable. Because they are programmed live streaming you could display any kind of media file like videos, live camera feed, pictures and text messages all with a dedicated PC. These are primarily used for billboards and large scale advertising as well as concerts, live events and anything in between that will require a giant screen.

The software on the dedicated PC allows you to schedule your messaging according to time of day, date, month and year. LED signs are very effective because they give you the ability to change your message constantly toward your target audience. This makes them the most innovative direct marketing tool of 21st century. You can split a single unit up into 99 different sections so you can display all sorts of media whether it is graphic images, text messages, video and anything in between. These LED signs can be scheduled to play messages at anytime that you wish. You can schedule them as specifically as you want down to the minute of any hour. You can play a video on an entire screen or divide a single unit into many different sections. You can display text messages, videos and pictures slide shows playing all at the same time because everything is streamed live off of the computer that is connected to the sign. You can stream any media source whether it is a prerecorded video or live through a camera of any kind. This makes the live streaming LED sign usable for public events, sporting events, concerts and anything in between.