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Troubleshooting Your Remote Control Outdoor LED Sign


Here are some simple troubleshooting tips for your remote control Outdoor LED Sign.

My message is a couple of letters too long and does not fit the screen without using the Scroll effect.

Prior to entering a transition effect press "fix", this will adjust the size to fit the screen.

My LED sign turned off and I can't get it to turn back on. 

  • Unplug and Re-plug your sign 
  • Once re-plugged 1 led bulb will flash in the center
  • Press Power to turn on
  • Press Menu
  • [9] Setting UP
  • [1] Reservation to X

(call tech support if sign does not react)

My Programmable LED sign is displaying vertically.

For Single Row Signs:

  • Press Menu
  • [9] Setting Up
  • Press OK
  • [3] Direction to HORZ

For Double Row Signs:

  • Turn Sign OFF
  • Press Color button 4 times or however many times until the whole sign lights up in 1 solid color
  • Press ESC 1 time
  • Scroll + [5] Direction set to HORZ