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What is a Pixel Pitch for LED Signs?


A pixel pitch is the distance between pixels. Modules are the basic building blocks of our outdoor led signs. We have 4 basic sizes for modules; 480,  420, 320, and 240.  The higher the number the bigger the module and the bigger the module the lower your pixel density.  

With the 480 module the distance between the pixels are very great 30 mm which is more than an inch;  you have to consider this when you're going to get a 480 millimeters LED sign. Obviously, from farther distances your not going to see this pixel distance much, from close up you are going to see it. Which makes the 240 module ideal.  

In the 240 the picture and letters look more streamline and clear and with the 480 it does not.  Each of the modules will have the same number of pixels but the difference between them is the pixel pitch which effects the size of the module; 240 has a 15mm pixel pitch, the 320 has a 20mm pixel pitch, the 420 has a 26mm pixel pitch and the 480 has a 30mm pixel pitch.  

The smaller module the smaller the pixel pitch. The more modules you can fit into a sign the more pixels that sign will have the better the resolution will be.