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Outdoor LED Signs

How do I place an order for an Outdoor LED Sign?

You may order directly off the website or you may order by phone 1-800-564-1408. When you place your order you need to choose the quantity, the control method, any special upgrades, and the color choice for 3 color signs.

How long before my Outdoor LED sign ships and what do you charge for shipping?

We do have our outdoor LED signs  built to order here in the United States. The 1 and 3 color signs take approximately 10 to 14 business days for production and testing. The 15mm and 20mm Full Color signs take approximately 14 to 20 business days for production and testing.  The Full Color High Resolution Signs take approximately 6 to 8 weeks unless it is our busy season which then can take 8 to 10 weeks. Please check with us about our schedule when ordering. Once we ship your sign we will email you a tracking number so you can track your sign for the expected delivery date. We use UPS ground and freight. Shipping is free to any of the lower 48 states. Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and the US territories can call and get shipping prices.

How do I get a double sided Outdoor LED sign?

Double sided LED signs are the same as purchasing two signs that you mount back to back.

How do I mount my Outdoor LED signs?

There are multiple ways businesses need to mount their LED signs therefore, we don't send any mounting for our signs. We do send information in our manuals that will help with mounting.  Our signs have a 110V plug but you can hard wire if you need but we do suggest surge protection.



Are your Outdoor LED signs waterproof?

Yes, our Outdoor LED signs are water and weatherproof. They are sealed with a High Quality Dow Corning silicone. They are rated for -13°F to 113°F. Our LED Signs also have a IP rating of 65 for water, dust and wind.

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Do you have Tech. Support for your Outdoor LED Signs?

Yes, we have a great Tech. Support team. Our Tech. Support is available Monday- Friday. Call 1-800-564-1408 to set an appointment or tech supports direct number is 1-718-766-9096 please have your invoice number ready.


module-and-pixel-pitches.jpgWhat is a pixel pitch for an Outdoor LED Sign?

A pixel pitch is the distance between each pixel. Our LED signs are made with individual modules. These modules each have 16 by 16 pixels or a total of 256 pixels. A 15mm pixel pitch will have 15mm between each pixel therefore, the pixels will be closer together which will make a smaller module than a 20mm or 26mm. The smaller the pixel pitch the more pixels the sign will have, better the resolution.

We carry up to 3 different pixel pitches (resolutions) for our 3 color signs only; 15mm, 20mm, and 26mm.

The 1 color and full color signs have 2 pixel pitches (resolutions) to choose from; 15mm and 20mm. Now we also carry a High Resolution in the Full Color Outdoor LED signs with a 10mm pixel pitch.

With the 1 and 3 color signs the resolution will make a difference with how the message is displayed. Each pixel pitch has good viewing and readability. The difference is at closer viewing the small pixel pitches will have more blended letters while the larger pixel pitches will have a more dotted look to the letters until viewed from a farther viewing position. Also from a distance the smaller pixel pitch will appear brighter.

With Full color LED signs the pixel pitch will make more of a difference when displaying pictures or videos. For pictures and video displays we recommend the 15mm pixel pitch for a more clear and crisp picture.





What does a Temp. Sensor do on an Outdoor LED Sign?

The temperature sensor is required to display the outside temperature on your LED sign to your potential customers. The signs will already display the time and date but you will need the sensor to display the temperature. The temp. sensor is a $150 upgrade.

What is the difference between the remote control, PC control, and wireless options for an Outdoor LED Sign?

The remote control is the default control method for the 1 and 2 row module LED signs. It is limited to 2 lines of text. The remote control works like a TV remote. You have to point the remote to the IR of the sign. As you set up the messages it will display on the sign. This will be easier to set up before the sign is mounted. You can save up to 100 files with up to 500 characters per file. The keyboard of the remote works like an older cell phone (the A,B,C are on one key etc.)


The PC control will allow you to program and save your files on your PC. You will be able to see and set up your message on your computer before uploading it to the sign. You will also have timer settings you can use to have your messages change automatically by time or date. The PC control will also allow you to have two rows of text per row of modules therefore, they are not limited to two rows of text like the remote control. The PC control will have a 40ft. Ethernet cable (RJ45) that will hook to your sign and your computer for uploading the message. It will also come with the software and manual you will need. We can schedule a tutorial session with our tech. department if you would like.


Wireless options will give you everything for the PC control but will allow you to not need the Ethernet cable to upload your message. The long range wireless option is an AP antenna system. It has a 1.5 mile range. The long range wireless is necessary for double sided signs.



What is the power consumption of my Outdoor LED sign?

The power consumption of an LED sign is much less than Neon or other signs. The best way to figure the maximum power consumption of your sign is to take the total modules of your sign and use the information below to figure the power consumption. Again this is the maximum watts used if all the LEDS are on. To figure the maximum amps the formula is total number of modules X 22 / 110 = max. amps

1 color signs: 20 watts per module Maximum

3 color signs: 38 watts per module Maximum

full color signs: 47 watts per module Maximum


How do I determine how large the letters on my Outdoor LED Sign need to be for people to read them?

For 15mm pixel pitch signs, you need 1" letters per 30 feet of viewing. So a 5" letter will be readable up to 150 feet.

For 20mm pixel pitch signs, you will need a 5% larger letter therefore, a 5" letter will be readable up to 147 feet.

For 26mm pixel pitch signs, you will need a 5% increase in letter size therefore, a 5" letter will be readable up to 135 feet.

For 30mm pixel pitch signs, you will need a 5% increase in letter size therefore, a 5" letter will be readable up to 128 feet.